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Yiba NguMvikeli Soccer and Netball Tournaments

Over the years, NATICC has conducted numerous community dialogues in over 16 chiefdoms in the Shiselweni region since 2016 whereby parents were sensitized on gender-based violence (GBV) and teenage pregnancy (TP) prevention. However, a disturbing pattern was observed in the communities, in almost all the dialogues it became apparent that the local youth was not fully participating in community dialogues yet they have been fingered in the list of perpetrators by studies and the communities. The stumbling block for the youth was identified as the meeting area which is usually the Imiphakatsi. This venue was described as being hostile to the youth. In a bid to reach the out of school youth in the various chiefdoms in Gege, NATICC piloted the Yiba NguMvikeli Soccer and Netball Tournaments. This initiative is aimed at reaching the out of school youth in the CAs with pertinent GBV, PSEA, VAC, and TP messages. Various messages based on the Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Act (SODVA) of 2018 were disseminated during the games through the use of a PA system to ensure audibility, especially during finals. NATICC officers also had group sessions on GBV and TP prevention with team members before games commenced throughout the tournaments.

First was the Yiba NguMvikeli Soccer Tournament which kicked off on the 3rd September 2023 at Gege and Magubheleni Sports grounds whereby various teams under Gege constituency went head-to-head as part of the knockout stages. The games successfully gathered 576 youth who attended the soccer games between the 3rd September to 8th October 2023. The eventual winners of the tournament were Gege All Stars who took home a trophy, a soccer kit worth E5000, a sum of E1000 in cash and individual medals. Second place (TP Mazembe) received E2000 in cash, medals and a soccer ball and third place (Giant Killers) received E800 in cash with a soccer ball. Fourth Place (Young Killers) received E500 in cash and a soccer ball. In an effort to reach the out of school girls the program hosted the Yiba NguMvikeli Netball Tournament. The tournament mainly targeted young girls with GBV, PSEA, VAC and TP prevention awareness. The netball tournament finals took place on the 27th November 2023 whereby first place won a trophy and E2500 in cash. Second place won E1500 in cash, third place E1000 in cash and fourth place E500 in cash. Through the netball tournament a total of 82 out of school youth were reached.