Success Stories

There is Hope for a Healthier Future

Tina*, a mother of five who is a survivor of physical and emotional abuse, was consistently beaten, threatened, pointed at with guns, called names and accused of cheating by her husband. This life had been on-going for the whole duration of their marriage, to such a point where the husband even stopped providing for the family financially, client has been carrying the whole weight of her family, enduring the pain, and suffering of her marriage, so that both parents raise her children.

Don’t Let Your Past Define You

Selusiwe* (13) was repeatedly sexually assaulted by a close relative. Consequent to the repeated sexual abuse, Selusiwe started exhibiting disturbing signs of post-traumatic stress disorder such as poor performance at school and failure to hold urine. This disturbing ordeal was brought to the attention to the Department of Social Welfare (DSW) by concerned teachers in her school. After a careful assessment by Social Workers from DSW, the matter was then referred to NATICC….

Client Overcome Persistent Trauma

Siphiwo* is a single mother of two who is parenting them all by herself. She is 42 years old. She is the type of mother who will battle tooth and nail for her kids and will stop at nothing to feed and clothe them, which forces her to work at a nearby restaurant. One day, as the client hustled for her children in that restaurant, there was a robbery that traumatized her because the criminals demanded money from her while she was working as a cashier that day. She was the only eyewitness.