There is Hope for a Healthier Future

by Sisana Mngometulu

“I am beyond blessed and so very much thankful to NATICC for the amazing work that they do. While I was going through all the turmoil, the world did not stop me. I still have life to live. I am now living very independently with my children”.

Tina, a mother of five who is a survivor of physical and emotional abuse, was consistently beaten, threatened, pointed at with guns, called names and accused of cheating by her husband. This life had been on-going for the whole duration of their marriage, to such a point where the husband even stopped providing for the family financially, the client has been carrying the whole weight of her family, enduring the pain, and suffering of her marriage, so that both parents raise her children. The client visited NATICC feeling hopeless about the future. Through counselling, she was educated on the cycle of violence. This helped her recognize the phases she was going through, leading to the realization that she could have left the husband sooner. Tina was also given hope for a better future. During the session, the client realized the true nature of their relationship and that the abusive behavior was not a sign of love and care. She was able to break free from the cycle of abuse and move towards a positive life, making informed decisions for herself and their children’s well-being. As a result, she feels empowered to be a better person and create a brighter future. Tina* posed mental challenges and she was referred to National Psychiatric Referral Hospital (NPRH) for psychiatric evaluation. After being diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), she was prescribed medication that helped to regulate her excessive thoughts and improved her sleep, allowing her to worry less about the future. It is great to hear that she is taking steps towards better mental health and seeking the support she needs. Her husband denied the client visiting or seeing her children; however, it is heart-warming to know that Tina* was able to gain full custody of her children with the help of the Department of Social Welfare (DSW). It is important for children to have a loving and nurturing environment, and Tina’s dedication to providing for her children is truly admirable. We wish her and her children all the best as they move forward in their journey together.

NB: Tina* not her real name