The prevention department is the department that works in communities ensuring that everyone is prevented from GBV & TPP. They do this by conducting dialogues in communities in the shiselweni region. These dialogues includes but are not limited to churches, chiefdoms, schools and stakeholders. They conduct dialogues on the SODV, CPWA, GBV prevention and TP prevention. These dialogues are conducted to educate and empower the youth, parents, community leaders and church leaders in all the topics mentioned above.

Family Conferencing

Is a way of responding to GBV cases. This intervention is known in the siswati custom/tradition as kungena endlini kagogo. This is when families who have an issue/problem meet as a family and discuss that issue and come up with solutions to fix it. The FC then adds the professional’s aspect, where professionals e.g. NATICC, Police, DSW etc join the family in their discussions to offer information regarding the reported problem. The FC has steps that need to be followed but at times the steps are not followed in order but you choose which steps work for that particular family. (copy and paste the steps). This form of problem-solving intervention has helped families bring back the dignity of families and build relationships that have been broken after the fallout.