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IEAL and NATICC Exchange Visit a Success

NATICC Program Manager appreciating the teen club members for the work they do to support other students.

In a bid to tackle the issue of teenage pregnancy (TP) in schools, NATICC recently embarked on a two day exchange visit to her sister organization, IEAL in Zimpeto, Maputo, Mozambique. The exchange visit was aimed at equipping NATICC officers with the skills and knowledge required to establish and sustain in school teen clubs that help in reducing the high rate of school dropouts due to TP. During the visit, the NATICC team was able to observe the activities of the teen clubs at Baona and Massaca Secondary High School. The students shared their experiences and gave testimonials highlighting the positive impact of these clubs. They also shared insights into what motivates them to participate and the benefits they have gained from being members of the club.

NATICC Program Manager, Lead Social Worker with IEAL Communications Officer at Massaca Secondary High School

The Girls Clubs, which comprise of both girls and boys, engages in various mentoring activities aimed at helping girls to enrol and remain in school until completion. The teen clubs engage in a series of activities that are aimed at reducing the rate of school dropouts due to TP and other causes. They organize speeches that educate and discourage the use of alcohol and drugs. They also assist sick girls by accompanying them to the hospital and providing support. Furthermore, they encourage school dropouts to return to school by investigating the reasons behind their decision to leave school and assist where necessary. If the reason for dropping out is related to a lack of food, the club members try to help in any way possible. In addition, the club offers life skills peer education to fellow students within their respective schools and beyond.  They also write articles and conduct awareness campaigns to encourage girls who are dating to focus on their academics. The members of the teen clubs are talented in various fields, such as poetry, singing, and dancing, and use their skills for information dissemination and to encourage others to join the clubs. Furthermore, the clubs host debates on SRHR topics such as family planning, teenage pregnancy prevention, and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The clubs also provide support to pregnant girls by ensuring they attend their follow-up appointments at the hospital.