Who We ARe

NATICC was founded in 2002 by the Free Evangelical Christian Fellowship Church in Swaziland. NATICC works closely with the government of Swaziland and other non-governmental organizations to prevent and respond to gender-based violence (GBV) in communities in the Shiselweni Region of Swaziland.

Through the funding from the Norwegian Agency for development Cooperation (NORAD) through DIGNI and De Frie Evangeliske Forsamlinger (DFEF), Sustainability for agriculture, health, education and environment (SAHEE) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) among other donors.

NATICC had mainly been working on HIV prevention care and support since 2002, originally, the vision for NATICC was to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS, but through their work, they recognized the impact and relationship of HIV/AIDS and gender-based violence. Through this, they created the gender-based violence department.

Through learning from previous experiences working with communities and learning from its program evaluation in 2012 the organization felt the need to include gender-based violence as one of its programs.NATICC started the gender based violence prevention and intervention project in 2012.

Our Services

Currently, under our main project called Teenage Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) officially launched in 2017 which is funded by our main donors DIGNI and Sahee, we provide Gender-based Violence (GBV) prevention services through education and response as part of our pre and post abuse care package. We do this through five (5) main activities:

Radio Program

NATICC in partnership with Voice of the Church (VOC)  has been conducting a radio programme titled “Tebudlelwane Nekubeketelelana Eswatini” since 2020 which airs  every Friday morning at
0900hrs to 0930hrs.

Education and Awareness through Community Dialogues

We conduct community dialogues in six (6) Catchment Areas (CA) in the Shiselweni region under Maseyisini Inkhundla with different target audiences as part of our TPP project which are: Nzongomane, Nkungwini,
Mantambe, Makhosini, Mahlalini, Mbukwane.

We offer counselling services to individuals, couples and families from all over Shiselweni region and in some special cases even outside the region which is a result of our radio program which airs on national radio on a
weekly basis

Court Support

We Provide court support to children who are survivors of abuse and are legally obligated to stand in for trial in a court of law. Currently, most courtrooms in the country are not child friendly which could be scary and intimidating to most children whom have gone through a traumatic experience. In some cases, the perpetrator is in the same room with the survivor during court proceedings.

Child Protection Services

We offer child protection services through our child protection department. We have a Child Protection Officer (CPO) who collaborates with our Case Workers (CWs) for such sensitive cases that involve sexual abuse or physical abuse or risk thereof. This department ensures that the child is well represented and his or her dignity remains intact during and after the case has concluded.

Our Brochures

Get to know more about our  projects by reading our brochures below.

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We are located at Bethesda Mission, Sililo Avenue, Ndvungunye Street.

Call Us: +268 2207 9797

Email: info@naticc.org.sz