Teenagers need to have a comprehensive understanding of abstinence
October 31, 2018
November 23, 2018

The parents are facing difficulties in intervening with their families, children fail to obey their parents since they always acknowledge that they have rights to do what pleases them. Parents voiced out their children nowadays they no longer want to do house chores which gives them more time to engage on early sexual relationships. Also they highlighted that their children are afraid to sit them down and ask a lot about what they want to know that is related with sexual relationships when they reach the teenage stage thus they find themselves seeking knowledge and advice from their peers whom are also not clear about this matter too since they are still young.

Parents were able to highlight the problems they are faced with when raising their children which are also key factors to teenage pregnancy. However, parents were encouraged to spend quality time with their children, to also give them the attention that they often seek to avoid having them looking somewhere else. Also parents were encouraged to talk more with their children on issues of engaging in relationships with the opposite sex, early sexual relationships, peer pressure, teenage pregnancy prevention, the changes that will take place during the adolescent’s stage and puberty.

The prevention team working together with Dlovunga Bucopho Babe Dlamini organized and hosted the parent’s dialogue under Mbukwane catchment area. A total of 57 parents attended the dialogue. This dialogue was a meeting to empower and equip parents on the SRHR education and on their role that they need to play as parents in their families in the community on teenage pregnancy prevention which has been on the rise as shown by the teenage pregnancy last status by the Ministry of education. Parents were well educated and equipped which was drawn from that they knew exactly what their role is on their children’s life on teenage pregnancy prevention. The parents were able to see the gap that they create between themselves and their children, which later drifts them more away from them and seeking help from someone they think will help them.

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