Nhlangano AIDS Training Information and Counseling Centre (NATICC)

Organizational Background
Nhlangano Aids Training Information and Counselling Centre (NATICC) is a faith based non-profit and non-governmental organisation in Shiselweni region located at Bethesda Mission, corner of Sililo avenue and Ndvungunye street, Nhlangano P. O. Box 1683. It was founded in 2002 by the Free Evangelical Faith Mission Church in Swaziland. NATICC works closely with the government of Swaziland and other non-governmental organizations to prevent and respond to gender based violence (GBV) in communities in the Shiselweni region as well as working with schools in a bid to prevent and Teenage Pregnancy Dropouts through education and sensitization. Through the funding from the Norwegian Agency for development Cooperation (NORAD) though DIGNI and De Frie Evangeliske Forsamlinger (DFEF), Sustainability for agriculture, health, education and environment (SAHEE), NATICC started the gender based violence prevention and intervention project in 2012 and to date the project continues to impact and add value to the communities.

Past working history in Swaziland
The programme addresses gender based violence prevention, care and support for survivors of gender based violence and to positively assist perpetrators of violence to change their behavior in the region at both community level and at their office based in Nhlangano. The goal is to reduce gender based violence as a cause and consequence of HIV. The project aims to increase the information of and change the attitude towards gender based equities, to improve gender based violence prevention, and to improve survivors’ access to comprehensive services to meet their social, medical, psychological, and legal needs. NATICC’s intervention is through the provision of gender based violence prevention education and psychological support service to survivors of gender based violence and the perpetrators as well as providing support services. NATICC also works with government sectors, churches and communities through dialogues in order to strengthen existing community structure with an aim of re-socialization.


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