What we do

Our Services

Currently, under our main project called Teenage Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) officially launched in 2017 which is funded by our main donors DIGNI and Sahee, we provide Gender based Violence (GBV) prevention services through education and response as part of our pre and post abuse care package. We do this through five (5) main activities:

As of 30th September 2018, a total of 9 cases were reported as a result of the radio programme.

Radio Program

NATICC in partnership with Voice of the Church (VOC) and Bible Society has been conducting a radio programme titled “Litsini Libhay’bheli” since July 2018 which airs on national radio every Sunday evening at 1830hrs to 1900hrs. To date, we have recorded 7+ radio programmes.

The radio programme speaks to issues of GBV in relation to the Bible. VOC has a listenership of over 500,000 people. The radio show sparked a lot of interest in communities all over the Kingdom of Eswatini such that people call in during the live recordings and also afterwards to express gratitude for the informative nature of the programme and also to report cases of abuse.

Education and Awareness through Community Dialogues

We conduct community dialogues in six (6) Catchment Areas (CA) in the Shiselweni region under Maseyisini Inkhundla with different target audiences as part of our TPP project which are: Nzongomane, Nkungwini, Mantambe, Makhosini, Mahlalini, Mbukwane.

We cover a range of relevant topics related to GBV, sexual reproductive health rights (SRHR) as well as national welfare policies and laws which include the Child Protection Welfare Act (CPWA) of 2012 and the Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Act (SODVA) of 2018.

We conduct community dialogues with different target audiences which are adolescent children in school, parents, church members and out of school youth in the aforementioned communities or CAs. Between January 2017 to date, we have reached 1696 adolescent children in school, 843 parents, 239 church members and 410 out of school youth.

Since December 2016 to date, we have attended to 1776 cases of which 1131 were referrals, which are those attended at home, from World Vision, Compassionate Swaziland, DSW, community members as well as health facilities, 472 were secondary survivors which are those whom have been indirectly affected as a result of the abuse of a close relative and 173 survivors of abuse walked into NATICC seeking post abuse care services or legal advice and 7 cases have required family conferencing services.

Counselling services

We offer counselling services to individuals, couples and families from all over Shiselweni region and in some special cases even outside the region which is a result of our radio program which airs on national radio on a weekly basis.

Cases may be referred to NATICC by other service providers and partners which includes the judiciary/courts, police, schools, Department of Social Welfare (DSW), AIDS Health Foundation (AHF), Medicine Sans Frontier (MSF), Pasture Valley and other service providers under the GBV consortium in the country.

We also conduct home to home visits for clients that are unable to reach NATICC offices for one on one counselling sessions as well as family conferencing (FC) services.

Court Support

We Provide court support to children who are survivors of abuse and are legally obligated to stand in for trial in a court of law. Currently, most court rooms in the country are not child friendly which could be scary and intimidating to most children whom have gone through a traumatic experience. In some cases, the perpetrator is in the same room with the survivor during court proceedings.

In such cases, we have our CPO to provide court support to such survivors. The CPO prepares the survivor mentally and emotionally for a court appearance by anticipating the line of questioning in relation to the case to be deliberated and making sure the survivor is prepared to answer accordingly as well as truthfully. Between December 2016 to date, we have provided court support to 5 children.

Child Protection Services

We offer child protection services through our child protection department. We have a Child Protection Officer (CPO) whom collaborates with our Case Workers (CWs) for such sensitive cases that involve sexual abuse or physical abuse or risk thereof. This department ensures that the child is well represented and his or her dignity remains intact during and after the case has concluded.

The child protection officer ensures that the rights of the child are not in any way neglected throughout the whole process in dealing with different stakeholders which include parents, police and even health facilities. As of 30 September 2018, we have provided child protection services to 5 children.